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Elma 10 января 11:59 0 220 1
— очень плохо


Used Istanbul Ataturk Airport
3 (three) times.
very large airport, many flights, service for 2 with a minus !!!
It is necessary to arrive in 4 hours if you have a Taxi Free.
If not, then you can in 3 hours.
I understand everything about security, including mine) BUT !!!
At the entrance you need to pass the screening of the luggage - huge front!
3-4 officers at the customs border, they are yawning, yawning, talking on the phone.
If you wish to receive Tax Free, you can issue it in two ways: goods in baggage and goods in hand luggage.
A lot of inconvenience - registration in one place. Attention with the piece presentation of all! purchased goods, with verification of information from the store.
Everything is slow, as for the first time, with telephone conversations with relatives.
Getting the money at the other end of the airport in the food court area ???? ???? ((((
As a result, there is no question of running around the landing, about the toilet and the duteka. Well, maybe lucky.
On arrival, by the way, the same huge queues at customs. Twenty times out of three were 40-60 minutes.
Gentlemen, if you are aware of the number of flights and the number of passengers, take action. Airport staff a lot of just idling around, chatting and etc



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